Architect Pino Cimino

Architect Pino Cimino

For a technician, the passage from design to production is always a great unknown. Actually, the end result depends from a number of factors; the choice of the workers becomes, therefore, crucial to the success of the project.

One of the first things I asked myself when I met Antonio Quacquarelli was: how long will he go on with this business? I was talking to an old master or a young entrepreneur? As I spoke with him in his office with modern lines, I couldn’t avoid to note an old tool in a frame behind him. Not an item recovered from some junk shop or second hand market, but a utensil that belonged to his father and jealously kept.

It didn’t take me too long to figure out where all his experience come from. Going down in his laboratory, the tools under glass leave the place to technology and to a newly designed woodwork.

Modern machines operated by skilled hands and a team of experts transform the project into final work, bringing the added value of knowledge that only a passion mixed with experience can give.

Arch. Pino Cimino

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